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At S&Y Accountants, we can help you understand the ins and outs of accounting for your business, from how much income tax you pay to the implications of using your home as your business premises.

In short, we’ll save you time so that you can get on with what you love doing best – running and building your business.

Contact us today and see how we can help you to grow your business and pay less tax.

Our VAT Returns Services

Our VAT Return service helps you to keep on top of your VAT administration and ensures that everything is compliant. Our services include:

- Advantage of using accountant

There are many advantages to engaging an accountant to manage or oversee your sole trader accounts. At S&Y Accountants , our knowledgeable team promise to:

  • Simplify the process – our accountants deal with a spectrum of business owners daily and are experts at taking the jargon out of the process and utilising the latest accounting software
  • Make you tax-efficient – we’re fully aware of what is and isn’t tax-deductible, are always abreast of the latest HMRC rules and regulations and can undertake regular tax efficiency reviews
  • Avoid costly mistakes – failing to file your Self-Assessment tax return on time or report accurately can result in fines; not with us on board!

- How much do accountants charge sole traders?

Accountancy packages and fees will differ according to the services and level of support you require. At S&Y Accountants, there is no fixed monthly fee as such; our focus is on offering an accountancy package that’s right for you.

We offer competitive rates for our services and will take the time to understand your accounting needs in order to give you a quote.

- Will my accountant advise me on the most tax efficient way to report on my earnings?

Tax matters to every small business owner, and at S&Y Accountants, we can help you optimise your accounts in that regard.

It’s a fact that most people who engage an accountancy firm file for more business expenses than someone filing their own tax returns.

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